Future-ready Students: Self-identity and Workplace Readiness

nXu Executive Director Yutaka Tamura, CASEL Director of Policy Andrew Tucker, Rodel Senior Program Director Mark Baxter, and American Student Assistance (ASA) Philanthropy Program Manager Jing Cox-Orrell discuss self-identity and workplace readiness at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Middle school and high school should be a time of self-discovery and personal growth, but it is also a time of intense social and emotional change. As young people begin to uncover who they are, these early years are an important time to start conversations about where they fit in the working world, and how to ensure that students are “future ready" with the knowledge, skills, and determination to navigate their careers. But the sobering reality is that many Gen Z students are feeling anxious and not confident about their futures. Enter stage right: self-exploration through career education. It’s time to bring the future into focus for millions of students and ensure they are exposed to a world of career possibilities, equipped with critical workplace readiness skills and a confident sense of self.  Join panelists as they discuss what it means for students to be future-ready and how each of us can help students develop.