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Finding Your Place: K12 Social Emotional Learning and New Normal

Christina Ritter (Gates NSI Project Lead BARR Center), Andrea Mainelli (Tyton Partners), Melissa Schlinger (CASEL), and Diana Frezza (Rethink Ed) on Finding Your Place: K12 Social Emotional Learning and New Normal at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and the fight for racial equity have drastically changed our world, especially as it relates to education. Educators have been forced to reimagine student learning, which has directly impacted the social emotional and mental health of students, teachers and parents. At the same time, educators and administrators are grappling with how to deploy curricula, teaching methods and SEL techniques to promote equity. This session is centered upon Tyton Partners’ research findings around the current and future state of SEL in K-12 and brings together a panel of experts and companies that are working to support educators, students and families through the adjustment to our new normal and a return to in-person learning. We will explore the response of the marketplace to the SEL needs of K-12 educators and discuss how investors, philanthropy, suppliers and thought leaders can participate in the development of this critical ecosystem.

ASU+GSV 2021

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