Democratizing Education and Skills in India - Serving the Underserved at Scale

The Indian edtech market has thrived over the last five years with major global edtech leaders emerging. In general, the first wave of scaled edtech offerings served the top 10-20% of the country’s population in terms of socioeconomics. That said, there is a massive opportunity and a massive need in serving the “bottom” 80% of a country with over 1.4B citizens. And the need for “PreK to Gray” accessibility to learning and skills is immense. It is the clear way to create a thriving middle class and move GDP per capita up from $1,900.00 and overall literacy up from 77% today. The impact will have enormous implications for the future. Over 200M school aged children cannot afford B2C edtech solutions and over 100M youth do not have access to higher education. Amongst workers, the numbers are just as dismal - hundreds of millions of low-income adults require skilling and re-skilling. The government has outlined a favorable National Education Policy and 2022 Union Budget to help drive edtech to the next half billion…but will that be enough? Join this group of entrepreneurs as they discuss how they will deliver access to quality education, improve affordability, and improve outcomes through this next wave of Indian edtech serving the underserved in India.