Competency-Based Learning: The Next Frontier

Competency-based approaches are advancing in education and industry. This session will explore the advances in competency-based education with leading innovators in the K-12 sector. Topics include:

The reasons districts and schools are transforming their schools;

The key elements and changes in student and teacher experiences;

The types of technology that have been created or purchased to support competency-based education; and

The future opportunities if competency-based education continues to expand.

Moderator: Chris Sturgis, Co-Founder, CompetencyWorks

Panelists: Tom Gaffey, Chief Instructional Technologist, Building 21; Rebecca Midles, Executive Director of Performance Based Systems, Mesa County Valley School District 51; Al Motley, CTO, Matchbook Learning; Nikolaus Namba, Director of 21st Century Learning, Lindsay Unified School District