Civic Engagement in an Uncivilized Climate

In an age where the importance of comprehensive civics and social studies education has never been more critical, educators and district leaders face the daunting challenge of navigating a highly politicized environment. This pivotal session aims to address the pressing question: How can we transcend political barriers to deliver the high-quality civics education that our students desperately need?Join us as we explore innovative strategies and practical solutions for empowering district leaders to champion effective civic engagement and social studies instruction. Our panel of experts will delve into the complexities of today's educational landscape, offering insights into creating resilient programs that withstand political pressures. We'll discuss actionable approaches for fostering an environment where civics education thrives, including building community support, leveraging evidence-based curricula, and advocating for policy changes.This session is designed for leaders seeking pathways to support and enhance civic education, ensuring students are not only informed about their rights and responsibilities but are also equipped to actively participate in our democracy. Together, we'll uncover the path forward to nurturing informed, engaged citizens ready to contribute to a vibrant and inclusive society.