Center Stage The Esports Revolution on Campus

What was perhaps a wild pipe dream decades ago, merely a Dorito-fueled teenage daydream, has come true: colleges are paying students scholarships to play video games.  Once thought of as child’s play, competitive gaming is quickly becoming big business, and higher education is racing to capitalize on the trend. The National Association of Collegiate Esports started two years ago with six member institutions. Today 200+ colleges offer over $15M in scholarships. This group will discuss the emerging generation of esports players on campus and its potential impact on education and the workforce.

Moderator:  Ryan Craig, Managing Director, University Ventures


Eric Darr, President, Harrisburg Technical University

Dana Hustedt, Director of Esports , Grand View University

Jonathan Long, Esports Consultant, Grand View University

John Knauss, Esports Games Initiative Lead, Riot Games