Blockchain and Credential Liquidity Across Pre-K to Grey

Bob Mong (University of North Texas), Manoj Kutty (GreenLight Credentials), Michael Hinojosa (Dallas ISD), Joe May, (Dallas College), Romanita Matta-Barrera (greater: SATX), and Sharon Leu (JFFLabs, Jobs for the Future) explore Blockchain and Credential Liquidity Across Pre-K to Grey at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Amazing things are happening in Dallas. As GreenLight Credentials partners with schools across Dallas, a revolution in learning and credential-granting disrupts traditional understandings of skills. See what blockchain can do to create credential liquidity that is at once transparent, authentic, and ultimately truly powerful in transforming our academic and business partnerships. How can blockchain be used to decentralize the degree process, thereby increasing access? What are the ways blockchain will serve to similarly distribute investment As schools and workplaces connect to create pathways for credentialing, what are the ways equivalencies can be assessed? Are there ways universities and workplaces can become even more transparent in their skill and competency offerings, so that the individual can most effectively navigate to earn a credential? How does real world or online or professional experience translate to value in the university? How are businesses and colleges joining forces to increase economic mobility and access? As schools and corporations work to decentralize education, what role does blockchain play?

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