A World without Tests

Jeff Selingo (ASU and Academic Intelligence), Angel B. Pérez (National Association for College Admission Counseling), Alexandra Slack (National Education Equity Lab), and Bridget Burns (University Innovation Alliance) discuss A World without Tests at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. The past year has cast a harsh spotlight on the fact that talent is evenly distributed in America, while opportunity is not. Many of our most selective colleges enroll more students from the top 1% than the bottom 60% of the income spectrum. Only 19% of Black and Latinx high school seniors with high SAT scores ended up in selective colleges, compared to 31% of their white peers with similar scores. Solving this persistent, systemic challenge requires our colleges to think differently about recruiting and identifying students, and our schools to take seriously the charge to help millions of extremely talented students in low-income communities and communities of color to college understand their ability to succeed in today’s best colleges. Hear from leaders across the country who are doing something about the narrow pipeline, and working to build a more just, equitable higher education system.

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