A Map with No Borders: Global Student Trends in Higher Education

AdmitKard Co-Founder Rachit Agrawal, ETS President & CEO Amit Sevak, World Education Services CEO & ED Esther Benjamin, The PIE News CEO Amy Baker, Leap Founder & CEO Vaibhav Singh, and Kaplan VP of Student Recruitment and Marketing Clare Rawlins discuss global student trends in higher education at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

After a sharp drop in enrollments during the pandemic, the flow of international students is beginning to increase—and they have more opportunities than ever. Notably, the pandemic-accelerated adoption of online learning has changed the nature of opportunities to go beyond the well-established base of international students who study onsite – opening up educational options to a new demographic of international students that didn’t previously have access. But there are challenges to serving these new markets. What are the implications for universities in a shifting global landscape?