Zhongzhou Chen

Associate Professor

University of Central Florida

Dr. Zhongzhou Chen is an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Central Florida, focusing on using cutting edge technology to improve physics and STEM higher education. He is currently exploring ways of using LLMs to redesign assessments in STEM that are more flexible, more transparent, more scalable, less stakes, and can assess important "soft" skills such as critical thinking. He is also interested in using LLMs to provide more personalized, accurate, and up-to-date academic advising. His previous research experience include designing mastery-based online learning environments, using learning analytics to identify students' self-regulated learning behavior from log data, conduct and analyze natural or controlled experiments online, and designing multi-media learning resources. As a teacher, Dr. Chen is passionate about teaching large introductory level college physics courses, and jokingly calls himself a "Learning Plumber" who takes the tools and methods from learning engineers to ensure the STEM pipelines keep flowing, and tries to patch up any leaks using duck tape.