Vu Van

Co-founder & CEO


Vu Van is a female entrepreneur and the Co-founder & CEO of Silicon Valley-based ELSA, the most human-like AI-powered English communication tutor app. She worked with leading speech scientists, machine learning scientists, and linguists from around the world to create ELSA. The platform not only offers roleplay scenarios for learners to listen and reply, it is able to provide in-depth and accurate English fluency analysis and feedback to ensure progress. Using voice, not just text-based learning, ELSA AI helps learners master English language fluency, building their confidence.Prior to founding ELSA, Vu lived and worked in Vietnam, Singapore, Denmark where she experienced the challenges of an English language learner abroad. She served as an Engagement Manager at Booz & Co, one of the top four global management consulting firms. Vu earned an MBA and a Masters in Education from Stanford University and is originally from Vietnam.