Victoria Sanville

Director, Corporate and Public Sector Sales

LG Electronics USA, Business Solutions

Victoria holds almost twenty years of experience in government and corporate operations, public affairs, and crisis management. She began her career in Washington DC, operating the legislative offices of three Members of Congress, and continued her work off Capitol Hill in a variety of roles deploying regulatory, legislative, and business development plans to aid heavily regulated firms in renewable energy, defense, health care, and high-tech manufacturing.
For the past seven years at LG Electronics, Victoria has worked with governments, educational institutions, and large corporations to help them leverage the power of the “One LG” ecosystem. She currently leads the Corporate and Public Sector teams as they engage their clients with a design-thinking approach. Both teams leverage the portfolio of B2B solutions within LG to create human-centered experiences that drive collaboration and connection seamlessly in a variety of environments. Victoria’s teams are most successful at delivering immersive and interactive solutions, that are flexible and scalable, into experiential spaces, executive briefing centers, collaboration areas, learning and training spaces, auditoriums, command & control and secure facilities, to name a few. The result is a tailored experience that meets the unique requirements of LG clients.
Victoria is a native of Philadelphia, a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business, and a loyal ‘Cuse basketball fan.