Victoria Pylvainen

SVP K12 Product Solutions


Victoria's educational journey spans diverse roles, including working with homeschooling organizations, leading an international virtual school, and contributing to traditional schooling for private, charter, and public institutions. Her passion for individualized learning blossomed through these varied experiences as an education analyst and practitioner.Victoria's commitment to education is grounded in a deep appreciation for the learning sciences, evidence, and theory. Today, she applies this appreciation in her work, leveraging extensive knowledge in pedagogy, learning analytics, and product strategy. Her expertise extends to designing tailored digital curriculum products, professional learning tools, and operational solutions for online and blended learning. Notably, she approaches this work with meticulous care, developing frameworks to monitor learner behavior and performance for optimal educational outcomes.Throughout her career, Victoria has led large-scale teams in digital transformations, playing pivotal roles in startups and established organizations. Her approach has been crucial in driving product enhancements and optimizing operational efficiency within the education sector globally, including countries like Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, Guatemala, and the U.S. Her adept guidance of delivery teams ensures a people-centric focus, contributing to successful educational outcomes.