Victoria Pu

Co-founder, CEO

Pace AI

Victoria Pu is the CEO of Pace AI—an AI-native English language learning platform that transforms any content into personalized lessons tailored to different student levels and unique pain points—which she left her PhD at MIT to co-found. She previously worked in applied ML and computational economics at Microsoft Research and was named a 2020 Rising Star in AI for Social Impact by Harvard University’s Center for Research on Computation and Society, for her work on applied Bayesian ML. Before that, Victoria received her BA/MS from Stanford University, where she conducted research at the intersection of ML and market design under the advisement of Nobel Laureate Paul Milgrom. Today, Victoria and the Pace AI team are building to empower adult English language learners to unlock economic opportunity through context-relevant language training. Pace AI partners with community colleges, school districts, and immigrant education programs across the U.S. to scale teacher and student impact through AI-driven personalization and support for diverse learners.