Tracy Pizzo Frey

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Uncommon Impact Studio & Ventures

Tracy Pizzo Frey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Uncommon Impact Studio & Ventures, is a fearless leader & builder passionate about tackling big problems and creating solutions that thrive with business insight, customer understanding, analytical rigor, and–most importantly–equity and inclusion by design. Tracy has extensive background in applied use of advanced technologies in both public and private sector organizations across the globe, and has been a founder, product manager, product marketer, environmental science educator, business development deal-maker, sales ops optimizer, teacher, researcher, and professional hip hop dancer. She has worked in laboratories, classrooms, deep in the woods, academic research institutions, high-tech start-ups, and eventually at Google where she spent 11 years working on Google Offers, Solve for [x], Google for Education, Chrome Enterprise, and Cloud AI & Industry Solutions where she spent 5 years as Managing Director, Outbound Product Management and Responsible AI. In this role Tracy founded, created, and led all of Cloud’s Responsible AI work, which served as a model for how other business lines in Google created governance processes and product alignment with Google’s AI Principles. In the process, she discovered her life’s mission, and left Google in 2022 to help build Uncommon Impact to revolutionize wealth creation through community empowerment. Tracy graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with joint degrees in Studies