Thais Alencar

VP of Product, AI

Cengage Group

Thais Alencar currently serves as VP of Product, AI at Cengage Group. In this role, Thais is focused on driving Cengage Group's AI initiatives to new heights and delivering exceptional products that will revolutionize the education industry. Prior to her current role, Thais held a number of leadership positions on the Cengage Higher Ed Product team, most recently serving as VP of Product Management, Technical Project Management, Product Marketing and UX Design. Thais has more than 20 years in the product and user design field and has deep experience in identifying market needs and translating into unforgettable experiences. Solving problems is at the core of Thais' work, and she thrives on the challenge of identifying market gaps and finding solutions. Prior to joining Cengage Group, Thais held several product technology and user design roles at a range of education, technology and consulting companies. Her experience ranges from evolving existing offerings to creating brand new ones, requiring her to lead teams through a disciplined process of strategy, execution, and implementation to achieve desired results. Thais is not only committed to driving innovation but also to advocating for women in the workplace. Since April 2021, she has served as a Guardian at AngelUS Network, a global professional network of women supporting and empowering each other.