Ted Mo Chen

VP, Globalization


Ted Mo Chen is a serial EdTech entrepreneur now heading strategy and investment initiatives at ClassIn, the world’s most powerful hybrid classroom solutions provider. As of 2023, the company serves 50 million students and educators in 160+ countries, infusing their day-to-day blended instruction with unparalleled interactivity, and has raised 500+ million dollars. In his role, Ted seeks to partner with and invest in early- and growth-stage edtech companies.Ted’s career is rooted in the belief that edtech is a transformative power and equalizing force in our society. Starting his 2nd year in college, Ted has been a founding executive in this industry. His entrepreneurial efforts spanned across LMS, MOOC, and courseware clusters, and were venture-backed by Lightspeed and Tencent co-founders. With footprints in 30 countries across 5 continents, he is a fierce advocate for intercultural dialogue in education and holds particular interests in the US and SEA’s K12 sectors.As a trusted commentator on China tech, he opines for The China Project and TechNode, and has appeared on WSJ and Bloomberg to caution against pervasive data collection from school-age children. He’s a proud graduate and valedictorian of Peking University’s philosophy program and has starred as the headliner in the college’s annual musical production. In his downtime, you’ll find him on tennis courts—A personal preference for sports that represent lean competition, rather than brute-force combat.