Talin Andonians



Talin Andonians is the CEO of Ocelot, the leading AI powered Student engagement platform.Ocelot’s mission is “to make a better life more accessible” and the platform is an integral partof the ecosystem that delivers personalized student service through AI and human channels.The critical outcomes Ocelot delivers for Institutions are more students in and more graduatesout.Before embarking on a career in Education technology, Talin Andonians held several Executivepositions across high growth businesses and diverse segments. Her most recent role was a ChiefPeople Officer in a large organization driving the Talent Strategy, Organizational development,and DEI efforts. Prior to that she held the position of Chief Operating Officer in LegalTechnology, overseeing the digital transformation with a maniacal focus on customerexperience.Talin is Armenian by descent and grew up in Austria before moving to the US. Her passionoutside of work is traveling and exploring different cultures.