Susana Cordova

Superintendent in Residence


Susana Cordova has worked in K-12 education for over 33 years. A Denver native, she rose from the classroom to the superintendent seat during her time in the Denver Public Schools. Susana believes in the power of our schools to transform our communities. "Schools have the transformative power to build a more equitable future. We must create equity for all children, not by accident but by design, so that we nurture them to grow and achieve at high levels."Susana has worked on innovative projects like Teacher Leadership and Collaboration, in which teacher leaders both teach and lead teams of teachers; the creation of district wide shared core values programming; redesigning the district-wide programs for English learners; and creating Black Excellence plans for all schools. As the Superintendent in Residence at Transcend, she leads the Learner Centered Leadership Lab, a leadership development program for systems leaders who are on the journey to ensure that their districts are serving the needs of all learners.