Dr. Susan Zukowski

Vice President Professional & Continuing Education

National University

Dr. Susan Zukowski is an experienced leader, educator, and change agent. Susan’s professional experience has crossed a variety of industries including healthcare, higher education, continuing education, and manufacturing where she has helped build teams and improve workforce culture, morale, skills, and efficiency. As a seasoned life-long learner, she earned her B.A. in Political Science Legal Studies from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, a MBA from Lakeland College, and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology from Walden University, all while working fulltime and raising a family. Dr. Zukowski understands the challenges of the adult learner, the balance it takes, and the incredible dedication that can keep people riven to attain their personal and professional goals. She currently leads Workforce Education Solutions Professional and Continuing Education team at National University, building customized education programs with industry partners, creating professional development and continuing education courses, looking for opportunities for prior learning credit, and collaborating with industry to upskill workforce and reduce gaps in workforce needs. Dr. Zukowski has a commitment to identify best practices and being on the cutting edge of helping professionals not just gain knowledge and a degree, but truly be able to apply the knowledge and skills they gain, find value in their educational experiences, and advance their personal and professional goals. She has led diverse teams with members spanning multiple states and countries and has experience driving organizational change, healthcare administration, quality management, performance improvement, organizational development, research, data analytics, program development, strategic planning, and leading philanthropic endeavors. In addition to working directly in industry, Dr. Zukowski has taught bachelor and master’s courses for nearly twenty years in psychology, research methods, organizational effectiveness, business, strategic planning, project management, and marketing to adult learners. Dr. Zukowski has the pleasure of leading National University’s work on Value Rich Education, building credential rich pathways for students, collaborating to enrich connections for students, faculty, and industry professionals, and working to expand the experiences that students can gain while obtaining their education to help create a rich learning environment that sets learners up for success outside the classroom. She is a passionate, driven, educator and higher education administrator with dreams to help us change the landscape of higher education, create additional value for learners, and ultimately ensure the needs of the workforce are being met.