Susan M. Green

Senior Citywide Administrator for SEL & Design

New York City Department of Education

Dr. Susan M. Green is committed to cultivating classroom and school cultures where both students' social and academic needs drive all decision-making relative to social development programming, curriculum & content design, extra curricular activities, community-based partnerships, and parent engagement. Her experience as a New York City Public School principal in Harlem, NY allowed her to gain insight on the importance of how every structure, decision, and action performed within an educational institution impacts the climate of that establishment. She currently works for the Central Division within the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Safety and Youth Development as the Senior Citywide Administrator for Social Emotional Learning. Dr. Green strives to support educators with practices that reinforce social consciousness of students' lived experiences, to cultivate the empathy needed to meet both the academic and social needs of students being served. Ensuring that disenfranchised students are provided with an array of opportunities to experience success has been one of her greatest missions. Dr. Green serves as a leadership development coach for new principals. She is the founder and CEO of HEAL Education Consultants, LLC (Helping Educators Acquire Light), whose mission is to challenge and deconstruct mindsets that result discriminatory practices towards disenfranchised youth, and rebuild ones entrenched in cultural awareness, empathy, advocacy, and action.