Stewart Knox

VP Workforce Strategy and Innovation

Calbright College

Stewart Knox is currently employed by Calbright online Community College as the Vice President of Workforce Innovation and Strategy since December 2020.
Previously Stewart was appointed by Governor Newsom July 2019 as the Undersecretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency with oversight of the Employment Development Department, Department of Industrial Relations, California Workforce Development Board, Employment Training Panel, Public Employees Relations Board, Agriculture Labor Relation Board, and California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

Prior to Governor Newsom appointment, Stewart was appointed by Governor Brown as the Executive Director of the Employment Training Panel September 30, 2014; in the five as the Executive Director the Panel approved over $500 million dollars in projects and provided training funds to approximately 5,000 California companies training well over 450,000 workers.  

Mr. Knox has over 28 years of experience working in the Workforce Development, and Economic Development industry in both Northern and Southern California. Including executive levels; Yuba Community College Workforce Development Director, and the Executive Director of four Workforce Development Boards within California.