Stephanie Butler

Product Advisor and Strategist


Stephanie Butler is a keynote speaker, lecturer, and consultant at the intersection of artificial intelligence, education, and product innovation. Previously, she led Product and Design at Swing Education, the leading technology-enabled substitute teacher network in the United States, and was the Senior Director of Product Management at Turnitin, where she led investor-facing roadmap communication and planning during their landmark $2 billion sale to Advance Publications. Stephanie also led Product and Design at LightSide Labs as early as 2013, a forerunner a decade ahead of the curve in artificial intelligence in education. Stephanie has served as adjunct faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute and holds degrees from CMU and Harvard. Stephanie’s pragmatic approach to product development, combined with a deep commitment to impactful education solutions, makes her a sought-after voice in the edtech industry.