Brandon Coleman, known as SOUL COLE, is a former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints who transitioned into health and wellness after a career-ending injury in 2018. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Flow Facilitator, Mental Performance Coach, Certified Breath Coach, and Sound Healing Practitioner, he embodies intensity, drive, and values faith, family, and morality.Graduating with honors from Rutgers University with a degree in Management Relations and a minor in Human Resources, Coleman's journey to the NFL was marked by determination. Despite being undrafted, his tenacity earned him a spot with the Saints, where he played until a neck injury ended his career.Post-injury, Coleman battled physical pain, depression, and anxiety, finding healing through therapy, meditation, yoga, breath work, and sound healing. These practices led to the emergence of SOUL COLE, a persona reflecting his newfound strength and resilience.His experiences with injury and loss have deepened his understanding of mental, emotional, and physical health. Coleman completed a Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate at Georgetown University and the MBSR program from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. He is dedicated to helping others achieve balance and wellness through the tools that transformed his life.