Shobhit Banga


Josh Talks

Imagine a world where we aren’t limited by our circumstances, where our family backgrounds or the schools we attended do not dictate the opportunities to which we have access. This is the kind of world we envision at Josh Talks.Josh provides the youth of Bharat access to role models to help gain comprehensive insights into various career paths and equips them with the necessary skills for success. Josh stands by you through every step of your journey. With over 200 million monthly views on our content across 10 languages and 422,000+ paid users learning with us through the Josh Skills app, we believe we are just getting started. Trusted by partners like Meta, Google, the United Nations, Amazon, and more, our programs have reached 282+ million young individuals across tier 2 and tier 3 cities nationwide.It’s no longer about who you are or where you come from, if you have ‘Josh’ in your heart and 'Josh' on your mobile phone, nothing can stop you from doing well and that is our promise!