Shiba Walizada

Enterprise Technology Upskilling/ IT Technician

Arizona State University

Shiba Walizada, a woman's rights advocate who journeyed from Afghanistan to the United States, is making her mark in the information technology (IT) sector, balancing her roles as an educator and a student. Her commitment to education and community empowerment is a cornerstone of her professional life. As an IT Technician in Arizona State University’s Enterprise Technology upskilling program and an English language teacher at the American Muslim Women Association and ICNA Relief, Shiba demonstrates her versatility and dedication to empowerment through education. Shiba's professional journey reflects her unique blend of skills and experiences. Her proficiency in English, Dari, and Pashto enhances her ability to connect across cultures and disciplines. Her personal journey underscores a passion for technology, education, and service, establishing her as a professional to watch in the dynamic field of human-centered technology. Shiba is on track to complete her degree in computer science at ASU in August 2027. Upon graduation, she aspires to join a leading technology firm, bringing her diverse expertise to the forefront of the industry. Follow her on LinkedIn at: