Scott Frauenheim

Chief Executive Officer

LEAP Innovations

n his role as President & Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Innovations, Scott Frauenheim continues to champion the cause of transformative educational experiences for both students and educators. Building on his extensive experience and success at Distinctive Schools, Scott brings an unparalleled level of dedication to educational excellence and innovation to LEAP Innovations. His transformational leadership vision for LEAP Innovations underscores his exceptional ability to lead, innovate, and inspire across multiple facets of the educational landscape. Scott’s intentional focus on relationships and designing alongside stakeholders drives his strong belief in the importance of culture and engagement. Scott's leadership at LEAP Innovations is marked by a strategic focus on creating positive, engaging, and rigorous learning environments that reflect his commitment to equity, innovation, and excellence. By drawing on his proven track record of strategic vision, inspirational leadership, and meticulous operational management, Scott adeptly navigates the broader demands of our schools, with a focus on revolutionizing and innovating our global education ecosystem. His efforts are pivotal in cultivating a thriving learning environment for learners, through collaboration with partners, educational technology solution providers, researchers, and funders. Scott’s experiences and success as a CEO, School Principal, and innovative network leader further emphasizes his dedication