Scott Frauenheim

Chief Executive Officer

Distinctive Schools

Scott Frauenheim has dedicated his career to building positive learning environments for students and educators. As a member of the founding team of Distinctive Schools, he has fostered the development and growth of the network from its inception in 2011. His tenure with Distinctive Schools began in the classroom, and through thoughtful leadership, incredible initiative and endless creativity, Scott advanced from teacher to dean, dean to director, director to president, and president to chief executive officer. Scott is recognized as a leader and pioneer of transformational work throughout the education community, operating intentionally to harvest a diverse, healthy and positive working environment. Scott leverages the strength of Distinctive Schools’ vigorous culture and harnesses the strengths of his team to move the work. Scott’s commitment to thriving culture, strategic vision, meticulous operations, inspirational leadership, and nimble adaptability have earned him a national reputation for leadership, innovation and personalized learning.

Monday, April 17, 2023

3:40 pm
4:20 pm

K-12 Transformation