Sarah Raybon

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives


Sarah Raybon is ClassWallet’s Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and in-house Education Savings Account (ESA) expert. Prior to joining ClassWallet, Sarah was the Director of Communications and Engagement at the Arizona Department of Education where she helped administer Arizona’s ESA program for nearly two years, including navigating the program through the launch of universal eligibility in 2022. While she has decades of experience in education advocacy and working with families and school leaders, she is particularly proud of her work with Prenda Microschools, where she worked to expand educational opportunities in underserved communities across the country and helped to found the first microschool on Native American lands. Sarah has extensive experience in all aspects of launching and administering a successful ESA program and has deep knowledge of the rule-making process and how to create robust, thoughtful program policies and procedures that align with statute. Sarah is also a longtime ESA parent and is keenly aware of the nuanced needs that ESA parents have. Since joining ClassWallet in January 2023, Sarah has been instrumental in the launch and successful implementation of multiple state programs, including the Arkansas Education Freedom Account program, Virginia’s K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant program and, most recently, South Carolina’s Education Scholarship Trust Fund program.