Sarah Brenzel

Senior Product Manager


Sarah Brenzel is a Senior Product Manager at Roblox and focuses on expanding the platform’s utility to include educational, in-school applications. This project involves partnering with curriculum developers to create a library of educational content on Roblox, and making Roblox educational experiences accessible in schools.Before joining Roblox, Sarah led the development of game-based cognitive assessments at Imbellus, a startup later acquired by Roblox. These assessments were utilized by companies like McKinsey in their hiring processes.Sarah also has experience in the entertainment gaming industry, having worked at Electronic Arts and Zynga. During her time at Zynga, she led a partnership with the Neuroscape lab at UCSF to create a VR prototype aimed at improving memory retention. She is a passionate gamer and strives to harness the power of gaming for the purpose of improving health and educational outcomes for individuals.