Sacha Litman

Partner and Associate Director

BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

Sacha Litman is a core member of the Public Sector practice at Boston Consulting Group and the global lead for analytics in education, employment, and welfare (EEW) for that practice. Sacha is an expert in talent gaps, higher education turnarounds, pricing and student financing, higher education turnarounds, and talent gaps.Sacha advises higher education, employer, and state leaders on building education/employer partnerships that close talent supply/demand gaps in order to improve students' employment outcomes;, employer talent acquisition costs and retention; higher education enrollment, brand perception;, and financial sustainability; and states' ability to attract and retain talent and employers. He has extensive experience in pricing and student analytics, and designs models such as outcomes-aligned student financing, financial aid optimization, HR/workforce analytics, and schedule optimization. Sacha is a former edtech founder and CEO, with the entrepreneurial skills to build pioneering new approaches. Before joining BCG, he was Global the Leader of Public Sector Advanced Analytics for McKinsey & Company, and CEO of an education analytics firm, Measuring Success.