Robert Enlow

President and CEO


Robert C. Enlow is the President and CEO of EdChoice.
Before the formation of EdChoice in 2016, Robert was an integral part of the Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice from its launch in 1996. He served as fundraiser, projects coordinator, vice president and executive director prior to being named president and CEO of the Foundation in 2009.

Under his leadership, EdChoice has become one of the nation’s most respected and successful advocates for educational choice, working in dozens of states to advance parental freedom in education by disseminating research, undertaking training, sponsoring seminars, conducting advertising campaigns and investing in and organizing community leaders.

Robert has authored numerous articles, book chapters and op-eds that have appeared in journals, books and papers across the country. He is also the co-editor of Liberty and Learning: Milton Friedman’s Voucher Idea at Fifty.