Ric Zhou


Answer AI

I graduated from Peking University with a Master's degree in Computing Science and a Bachelor's degree in Math. I am a successful Founder of multiple companies.Early on I became passionate about the ways people will communicate in the future. I quickly began working on ideas to create expressive, adaptable communications software and apps utilizing LLM and NLP models to make effortless applications in this current smart-tech era.Answer.AI is a leading educational AI platform with over 1.5 million students in North America. Established in early 2023, we are dedicated to creating a fun, engaging learning experience for any student, in any subject, and at any institution. Powered by LLMs and other advanced technology, Answer.AI seamlessly integrates fun and micro-achievements into every learning step. This experience not only inspires curiosity but also elevates students beyond conventional academic grades.In our vision, everyone will have access to the best learning resources and motivational support through AI, one conversation at a time.