Ric Li Zhou


Answer AI Lab Inc

Ric is the CEO and co-founder of Answer.AI, founded in early 2023. As a leading educational AI platform, Answer.AI serves over 2 million students in North America. The team is dedicated to creating a fun, engaging learning experience for students in any subject at any institution. Powered by LLMs and other advanced technologies, Answer.AI seamlessly integrates fun and micro-achievements into each learning step. This approach not only inspires curiosity but also elevates students beyond conventional academic grades.In Ric's vision, born from his experience as a competitive math teacher at one of China's top schools, everyone will have access to the best learning resources and motivational support through AI, one conversation at a time.Before founding Answer.AI, Ric co-founded several successful consumer tech startups, including Wandoujia, Kika Keyboard, and LiveIn. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Math from Peking University in China and is an International Mathematical Olympiad (China) silver medalist.