Reasat Chowdhury

Technology Lead- Al/ML

NYC Department of Education

Reasat Chowdhury is an accomplished IT management professional based in the Greater New York City Area, renowned for exceptional leadership skills, strong business acumen, and a keen analytical focus. With over 12 years of experience across various sectors of the tech industry, Reasat has honed expertise in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and People Management. His career reflects an unwavering commitment to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and guiding organizations toward data-driven success. Reasat's professional journey has equipped him with a diverse range of skills and experiences, enabling him to thrive in varied environments and collaborate effectively with a wide array of stakeholders. He has had the privilege of engaging closely with government clients, vendors, business partners, senior leadership teams, and technical personnel. These experiences have deepened his understanding of the complex dynamics between technology, strategy, and people.