Ramana Prasad


Meritus AI Learning Experiences Pvt Ltd

Mr. A. S. Ramana Prasad is the Founder and Chairman of Meritus, an educational institute specializing in providing transformational learning experiences through STEM Educational products, courses & curriculum. He is also the Chairman of five BVM Global Schools affiliated with CBSE and NIOS, as well as one BVMi International School affiliated with IGCSE, UK, located in different cities across South India. His educational qualifications consist of a B.Tech. degree from IIT Madras in 1977 and two MS degrees in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, USA, from 1977 to 1979. Mr. Ramana Prasad began his career with Intel in California, USA, as a New Technology Development Engineer. He then returned to India to head the Solidaire Televisions as the Managing Director from 1981 to 2000 Currently, he holds various notable positions across various institutions such as: 1. Member of the Governing Council of the Centre for Innovation (CFI) at IIT Madras 2. Governing Council member of the International Catrobat Foundation at TU Graz, Austria 3. Executive Committee member of PAN IIT, and a board member of the Department of Engineering Design at IIT Madras. 4. Member of YPO International 5. Mentor of Change at Atal Tinkering Lab NITI Aayog (Government of India) Mr. Ramana Prasad established Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd., in 2010, which provided In-School & After School programmes in STEM Education (Robotics, Coding) to schools in India. From 2015 onward, Robotics started manufacturing their own STEM Educational products which includes Phiro Unplugged and Phiro Pro Coding Robots (2016), TaCo Playbits (2018) & TaCo Robobricks (2019), CV Pro (2023), & STEM Maker Kit. In 2021, he began Meritus AI Learning Experiences, which focused on developing courses in AI, Coding and Data Science through proprietary AI Coding platforms for students from grades 3 & above & schools. The AI Labs for schools program offered an AI-based Global Curriculum developed by Engineers and Educators of AI World School, trained and certified by ISTE, USA, Intel, IBM, and Professors from Oxford University, UK, and Graz University of Technology, Austria. The courses are aligned with the CBSE and ATL-NASSCOM frameworks and the "5 Big Ideas" of AI proposed by the AI4K12 task force led by Dr. David Touretzky from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Shri. Ramana Prasad co-authored a research paper titled "AI Snap! blocks for speech input & output, computer vision, word embeddings, neural net creation, training and use," which was accepted for presentation at the 12th AAAI Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence (EAAI-22) held in February 2022. Mr. Ramana Prasad’s vision and mission to inspire and educate children all over the world through STEM Education & world class learning practices to help them develop 21st Century Skills and find their own real-time solutions for real-world challenges. For more information, you can visit the following websites: Meritus AI Group: https://meritus.ai BVM Global Schools: https://bvmglobal.org Robotix Learning Solutions: https://www.robotixedu.com AI World School: www.aiworldschool.com