Rachael Jarosh

President and CEO


Rachael is president and chief executive officer of Enactus, the largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of social innovators and business leaders - leaders with a head for business and a heart for the world. In 2019, Enactus' 72,000 students created 18,861 new job opportunities through the launch of 3,000 new businesses and improved the lives of 2.9M people around the world.

Under Rachael’s leadership, Enactus has driven exponential growth, welcoming 500,000+ participants in 2020 and achieved a best-in-class efficiency rate. Enactus is now expanding its distribution model to enable more students to enter, access and engage in the tools of  conscious capitalism, form cohorts to apply them in real-world markets, and in so doing, create a better, more sustainable world while gaining the skills needed for purpose-led careers.

Rachael has built a distinctive professional portfolio in law, finance, communications and philanthropic strategy in the span of her career. A recognized leader in alliance building, Rachael has served on the board of several organizations, and today serves on the Boards of CLASS Acceleration Corp. and of Lifetime Brands Inc.