Prajodh Rajan

Co-founder & Group CEO

Lighthouse Learning Group

Prajodh Rajan, an education entrepreneur, stands out for his pivotal role in revolutionizing early childhood education and shaping a robust K-12 education ecosystem in India. Starting with just two preschools in 2001, he has expanded the network to over 1500 preschools and more than 50 K-12 schools. Prajodh champions the 'Child First' philosophy and has been pivotal in creating a safe school network, certified for its safety standards. He has fostered an environment conducive to women's entrepreneurship in education, significantly impacting the sector. Under his leadership, Lighthouse Learning Group has won over 100 awards, including 'Best Education Company' and 'India's Most Trusted Brand'. His contributions have not only shaped the educational landscape but also positively impacted the lives of countless children, educators, and entrepreneurs.