Philip Cutler



Philip Cutler is a teacher turned mission-driven entrepreneur. Phil saw firsthand the many inequities in our education system. Students from affluent families were more likely to receive the additional help needed to succeed. In contrast, students from marginalized and at-risk communities lacked the necessary resources and support, which created lifelong learning and achievement gaps. Determined to help democratize education, Phil left the classroom to start Paper, an Educational Support System which features on-demand tutoring, essay and writing review, career and college support, after-school learning programs, and other tools and resources. Paper’s mission is to help close the achievement and opportunity gaps by helping all students succeed and gain confidence for life. As of September 2022, Paper partners with over 450 school districts across North America, supporting over 2.5 million students. Paper works with school districts and state governments to provide its best-in-class virtual classroom at no cost to students or their families. In addition to its 2,000+ tutors, Paper currently has more than 500 full-time corporate team members. In February of 2022, Paper closed a $270 million round of investment led by Sapphire and Softbank, which valued the company at $1.5 billion.