Oscar Mendez


The Reinvention Lab at Teach For America

Oscar Mendez(he/him) is a current Senior at the Center for Global Studies and Reinventor at Teach For America. Growing up in an area of Connecticut with clear wealth inequality visible throughout his life has shaped him to be passionate of equity in opportunity. In addition, attending a school fifteen miles away, Oscar Mendez has been fortunate to be surrounded by encouragement from faculty to students who helped him see through his educational pursuits and get accepted, and plan to attend, the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, with his experiences throughout the college process, he initiated both a Senators for Success club and SAT tutoring club with friends as a means of spreading more information and to offer a first-generation, low-income student perspective in these initiatives. Thus, in growing his pursuit to inform others and bring in more representation, he joined the Reinventor Collective to take greater action over modern problems facing education and learn ways of creating change in issues facing education.