Orly Friedman

Founder & Head of School

Red Bridge

Orly Friedman is the founder and head of school at Red Bridge in San Francisco, CA. Red Bridge is a new model of K-8 school focused on student agency. Red Bridge teaches students to set goals and build the will and skill to follow through on them. Before launching Red Bridge, Orly was an entrepreneur-in-residence with Transcend Education where she spent a year creating a blueprint for a new model of education designed to foster a sense of agency in students. Prior to that, she spent four years as the head of lower school and a member of the founding team of Khan Lab School in Mountain View, CA. She taught elementary school for five years in Washington, DC, where she was a Teach for America corps member. She has spoken around the world on the topic of student agency, and her writing has been published in Education Week and EducationNext.