Omowale Casselle

Omowale Casselle

Director Pritzker Tech Talent Labs

Discovery Partners Institute (University of Illinois)

Omowale is the Director of Pritzker Tech Talent Labs at Discover Partners Institute within the University of Illinois. In this role, he leads Centers of Excellence in Immersion, Workforce Development, Graduate Programs & Lifelong Learning.

Prior to DPI, Omowale co-founded Digital Adventures – an education technology company that utilizes proven techniques to teach children (Pre-K – 12th) how to code & build with technology.

Before Digital Adventures, Omowale led the development, launch & management of an interactive advertising & marketing platform, SAMPLEit (a division of Outerwall, Inc.), in high traffic retail locations (Walmart, Meijer, HEB) that helped consumers trial, discover, and ultimately make more informed choices about their most important purchase decisions.

Earlier in his career, Omowale was part of the new product development team at Ford Motor Company that successfully brought industry-leading vehicles to market including Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, and Ford Escape Hybrid.

Omowale has a passion for continuous learning and development which has led to degrees from Harvard Business School (MBA), University of Michigan (MS Engineering), and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BS Engineering).

Throughout his professional career, Omowale has been excited most by the challenge of bringing new innovations to market and on the leadership skills required to effectively collaborate with diverse teams of engineering and business professionals.

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