Oliver Sicat

CEO and Co-Founder

Ednovate and OpenSeat

Oliver Sicat is the CEO of Ednovate and Co-Founder of OpenSeat. Ednovate is a fast-growing high school charter management organization founded in partnership with the University of Southern California (USC) that is working to change our nation’s high school report card. OpenSeat extends a school’s support team by providing diverse 1:1 virtual mental wellness coaches to schools. Previously Oliver was the Chief Portfolio Officer in the Chicago Public Schools, Founding Principal of UIC College Prep with the Noble Network of Charter Schools, and a math teacher in Roxbury, MA, recognized as the Boston Public Schools Teacher of the Year in 2006. In 2002, Oliver also founded his first college preparatory non-profit, Emagine, while in Boston. Oliver is a graduate of USC and received his Masters degree from Harvard University. He is a husband, father, Pahara-Aspen Fellow, Broad Academy Fellow at Yale School of Management, YPO member, USC AAPA Alumni Board member, TEDx speaker, marathon runner, Pelontoner, average golfer and a retired nacho blogger.