Nikki Duslak

Founder and Head of School

CREATE Conservatory

Nikki Duslak is an award winning educator and the Founder and Head of School of CREATE Conservatory. Located in Central Florida, CREATE is a nonprofit private school that teaches STEM education through arts integration. Nikki has a BFA in Theater Arts and two master’s degrees in education. After leaving a career as a professional actress, she taught sixth to twelfth grade Language Arts, Drama, and Journalism. Nikki then transitioned into a leadership role, and worked in an administrative capacity with kindergarten through college levels. Nikki contributed to the Pearson Formative Writing Assessments for Florida and helped write the Florida State Standards for Theater. She has given a Tedx talk on leadership and has spoken at numerous conferences and conventions. She recently participated on a panel at the International School Choice and Reform Conference, and has taught professional development throughout the country. Nikki is a proud supporter of the microschool movement.