Nikita Gupta

Co Founder , COO

Introducing Nikita, a seasoned professional who's worn many hats, from engineering and analysis to talent recruitment. With experience at tech giants like Uber and AWS, she's honed her skills in the industry. But her journey didn't stop there. Faced with her job search challenges, she launched, an AI-powered career platform that's helped over a thousand people land their dream jobs. Featured in notable publications like Forbes and Business Insider, Nikita's expertise is widely recognized. She's even taken the stage at TEDx to share insights on career development. With a social media following of over 300,000, she's become a trusted voice in the field, inspiring others to navigate their career paths with confidence. Notably, she was honored with the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2023 by the Women in IT Summit & Awards Series, underscoring her innovative spirit and leadership in the field. Get ready to be inspired by Nikita's story and insights as she shares her journey and wisdom in this book. Join Nikita as she shares her remarkable journey, insights, and wisdom in this book, offering invaluable lessons for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs alike.