Nancy Li

Chief Product Officer


Nancy Li is the Chief Product Officer at BrightAI, a leading enterprise AI+IOT company, co-founded with SmartThings founder. BrightAI is building AI assistants for the 2 billion frontline workforce and solving for labor shortage and energy crisis. She is an influential AI and Metaverse industry leader known for her fearless approach to driving tremendous acceleration in AI adoption across traditional industries. With a proven track record of success, Nancy has a unique combination of technical expertise, strategic vision, and business acumen. She has a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions that help businesses thrive. Nancy is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and inspiring other women to pursue careers in technology. With her dynamic leadership and deep understanding of AI, Nancy is leading BrightAI help traditional industries transform relationship between human and machines, with the new wave of AI advancements.Prior to that, Nancy led the AI Assistant and machine learning platform for Meta, resulted in hundreds of AI Assistant features launch across Oculus, Ray-ban Story Glasses, Horizon Worlds, Portal and unannounced ARVR devices. Grew platform adoption by 5x and user engagement by 3x in 2 years. Nancy was also part of the early product executive for Microsoft AI and mixed reality business, grew billion-dollar scale commercial adoption with customers & partners worldwide.