Mike Morley

Chief Product Officer

Johnnie Max

Michael Morley, MEd., is a former primary school teacher in a school that served inner-city children in Boston, and a highly experienced educational publisher. As an executive at top publishers, he has helped create dozens of print and digital programs for millions of students. He brings over thirty years of experience in creating learning experiences for children to the Johnnie Max program. His career has taken him to places as diverse as China, where he led the curriculum development for a joint-venture between McGraw-Hill and New Oriental, and Saudi Arabia, where he presented on literacy instruction to the Ministry of Education. Whether answering questions about teaching phonics in Riyadh or discussing early childhood development with the CEO of a major pre-school company in Beijing, his experience has given him a deep understanding of the challenges we all face when trying to create meaningful learning experiences for children. Among the executive positions Michael has held over the years are Publisher, Triumph Learning;Vice President of Curriculum, Educational Services, McGraw-Hill International & School Education Group;Vice President Alternative Reading & Language Arts, McGraw-Hill School Education Group;Senior Vice President and Publisher, Sundance/Newbridge Publishing;and Executive Editor, Reading & Language Arts, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.