Michelle Rodriguez

Superintendent of Schools

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools in Pajaro Valley Unified School District is an inspired leader of uncommon ability engaging the educational community in an authentic and intentional transformation process to support efforts that value innovation, affirm student strengths and capacity, increase rigor, and inspire joy to prepare all students to be college and career ready.   Dr. Rodriguez has been dedicated to students in urban and rural, low socio-economic districts for over 29 years with a focus on vulnerable student populations. Dr. Rodriguez carries an equity agenda focused on the whole child, whole family, whole community. She embraces the powerful, long-term responsibility of improving the lives of students, families and an educational community.  Due to the implementation of many new innovative programs, she has been recognized for her excellence in leadership through the 2020 Community Health Trust Rather Award, 2019 United Way Community Hero Award, 2019 Broad Fellowship, and 2020 CDE Community Engagement Initiative selection.