Michelle Culver

Founder, The Reinvention Lab

The Reinvention Lab at Teach For America

Michelle Culver is the Founder of the Reinvention Lab atTeach For America. A fierce believer in the innate powerof young people to shape our dynamic world, Michelle hashelped Teach For America scale and innovate for over twodecades. She began her career teaching 5th grade inCompton in the late 90s. She then helped forge theorganization’s first national Teacher Support andDevelopment team to improve effectiveness & increasediversity during a decade in which the teaching corps grew10-fold.Steeped in her experience with the fastest improvingschool districts in the nation, Michelle grew her convictionthat we need a more fundamental redesign of theAmerican public education system. In founding theReinvention Lab, she works with a multigenerational teamto define this future and build new offerings to advancethat vision.When Michelle’s not working, she’s growing her roots inDenver, CO. She is a proud Pahara Fellow with the Aspen Institute.