Michallé (Mimi) Fain

Principal in Residence

KIPP Chicago

Michallé Fain is a Principal in Residence at KIPP One Primary (KOP). She is also a class of 2008 KIPP Chicago Alumna. Michallé had a dream to become a KIPP teacher so that she could give back to the network of schools that did so much for herself and her family throughout her journey to and through college. After graduating from Marquette University, Michallé returned to the KIPP Chicago family by joining the founding team at KIPP One Primary in 2016. At KOP, she has taught grades K - 4, been an Assistant Principal for multiple grade levels, and now is a part of KIPP Chicago's Principals in Residence program. During the 2020 pandemic year, Michallé started her podcast called "TeachingWithMi" in which she shared her weekly pandemic teaching experience while also interviewing other teachers across the country and even other KIPP Chicago alumni and teachers. When Michallé is not at KOP, you can find her binge-watching Netflix shows, cycling, or trying new vegetarian restaurants! Michallé is excited to continue to grow, serve, and inspire those within the KIPP Chicago school community.