Michael Robbins


Learning Pathmakers

Empowering teens to own their learning story, secure their data, and train their AI agents. Forging citizenship and representative governance inside the digital realm. Kickstarted District of Learning in 2015 with the MacArthur Foundation, fostering a tech-powered learning ecosystem in Washington, DC. Evolved it into Learning Pathmakers with colleagues during the pandemic— charting a brighter future for learning and digital society. 30+ years as a social entrepreneur, from grassroots to the White House. Supported education engagement and digital transformation under Obama. Collaborated with a spectrum of leaders: mayors, educators, and corporate execs. Led global operations for the FIRST Robotics Programs. Wrote first computer program in 6th grade on a TRS-80 Model 12—to create Dungeons & Dragons characters. Been online since before the web was a thing. ✈️ Grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. Son of a fighter pilot-engineer and a creative artist. Worked at Apple and SAIC in college. Moth StorySlam winner and keynote speaker at venues like National PTA and SXSW. MBA and master’s in public management. Additional studies in AI, peacemaking, and public theology.